"Labelling Ball a science writer sells his writing short, for its value lies above all in a range that dissolves the awkward silences between science and the larger culture of which it is part." Marek Kohn - The Independent

Nature's Patterns : A Tapestry in Three Parts, Shapes, a book by Philip Ball   Nature's Patterns : A Tapestry in Three Parts, Flow   Nature's Patterns : A Tapestry in Three Parts, Branches, a book by Philip Ball

Patterns are everywhere in nature – in the ranks of clouds in the sky, the stripes of an angelfish, the arrangement of petals in flowers. Where does this order and regularity come from? It creates itself. The patterns we see come from self-organization. Whether in living or non-living systems, there is a pattern-forming tendency inherent in the basic structure and processes of nature.

This series of three books explores the science of pattern formation in nature. SHAPES looks at the patterning of living organisms, from butterfly wings to leopard skins, body plans and even whole ecosystems. FLOW explains the mechanisms that create ripples in sand, the curling wisps of smoke, and the vortices of hurricanes and galaxies. BRANCHES reveals hidden rules that link forked lightning to cracks and networks of veins and rivers.

Out now (March 2009, June2009, September 2009).

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