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A review article in Chemical Reviews 108, 74-108 (2008).

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An editorial for a special issue of PhysChemPhys on nanobubbles, 13, 2173 (2012).

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A talk given at the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, 2011 (slightly modified).

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Seeking the solution: feature on water’s role in astrobiology, Nature, August 2005.
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BBC - Radio 4 - The Cosmic Ocean 18/03/2004 
Water in the universe - with contributions from Philip.

Water - life's matrix: extended text of an article for 'Water - Reflections on an Element', Agenda Edition No.1 (Hoffmann & Campe, 2003). Download PDF

Water at surfaces: an article published in Nature 423, 25 (2003).
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Water in the cell: a talk delivered at Arnhem, the Netherlands, for the University of Utrecht, 2002

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Water in the cell: an article in Cell and Molecular Biology 47(5) (2001).
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"Why physics is not a discipline", Nautilus 21 April. Available here.