"Labelling Ball a science writer sells his writing short, for its value lies above all in a range that dissolves the awkward silences between science and the larger culture of which it is part." Marek Kohn - The Independent

Radio 4 iPlayer imageRadio 4 Broadcast June 2016 - Five episodes.
Producer: Max O'Brien
A Juniper production for BBC Radio 4.

Science writer and broadcaster Philip Ball sets out on a quest to explore the peculiar world of the invisible, a mysterious realm where magic and science meet.

Episode One - Invisible Forces
Episode Two - Conjuring the Invisible
Episode Three - The Spirit World
Episode Four - The Invisibly Small
Episode Five - Becoming Invisible

Radio 4 iPlayer opens in a new windowTwo episodes by Philip Ball.
Radio 4 Broadcast 2016

Chaucer's Astrolabe - The Medieval GPS
Maxwell's Demon

Radio 4 iPlayer opens in a new windowThree episodes by Philip Ball.
Radio 4 Broadcast 2016

Einstein's Fridge
The Meteorite and the Hidden Hoax
Submarine for a Stuart King

Radio 4 iPlayer opens the BBC website in a new windowRadio 4 Broadcast 01/07/2015

How Perkin brought purple to the people

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The Unseen - A History of the Invisible

A series of five programmes looking at amazing events and characters from science history, on BBC Radio 4.

They are available for some time on the BBC iPlayer here.